Machine Upgrades

HK Laser Services offer a wide range of system upgrades. These include PC hardware and software upgrades, console upgrades, laser customisation and, where appropriate, complete bespoke software interfaces to MRP/ERP systems. We are happy to visit and dicsuss your requirements in greater detail.

Hardware and Software Upgrades

Take advantage of the features of the latest HK EasiMark software level and future proof your investment with an upgrade to faster and more supportable computer hardware. The software includes Data Matrix marking capability including the UID variant.

Console Upgrades

Many systems are restricted to the early LCD screens in 10.4″ and 12.1″ variants. These are getting increasingly difficult and very expensive to support. A console upgrade allows the use of a standard 17″ LCD screen along with a full size standard keyboard and optical mouse making support of these key components very easy and inexpensive.

Laser Customisation

Production requirements can vary significantly over time. If materials and type of mark required have changed since installation then it may be possible to customise the laser optically to improve the mark quality and productivity. This can achieved by changing laser apertures, beam expanding optics and scanning head optics.

Bespoke Software

To improve manufacturing control many users would like to link directly into their production control system or retrieve specific data from preceding processes. This minimises the risk of an incorrectly marked product by eliminating operator data entry. This gives greater control and visibility of production. Whatever your requirements, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss further.

Working together you can get the most out of your HK Laser Marking System.

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