About HK Laser Services

HK’s involvement in lasers spans 30 years and as such we have a wealth of knowledge in this area of technology. As Hahn & Kolb GB, research and development into laser marking systems began in 1988 and we have manufactured and sold around 300 systems. These were supplied to home markets and exported widely throughout Europe and as far afield as the UAE, Brazil and US.

We manufactured laser marking systems incorporating lamp pumped, all varieties of diode pumped and the latest technology fiber laser sources in laser powers from 10W – 120W. Manufacturing ceased in 2009 and our concentration since then has been on the continued service and support of our installed user base.

We are actively involved in the sourcing of an alternative range of laser equipment and hope to be launching in the near future.

An important area of our business is the sub-contract Laser Marking service that we provide to a broad base of manufacturing industries in the UK. We have multiple Laser Markers available to ensure we provide a high quality service within the required time scales, we would be more than pleased to give free samples of our marking capabilities on your own products or our own samples please contact us for further details.

We would be pleased to mark a sample component to demonstrate the quality that can be achieved. This will be carried out free of charge and without obligation.

For further information on our Laser Marking Products, please contact us.

Sub-Contract Laser Marking

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